Desire is the starting point for all suffering and misery.

Published: 28th July 2008
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This statement goes against everything the so-called experts have always told us.It's easy to check out the truth of the statement that, desire causes suffering and misery.

Desire is wanting something. Desire is saying we need something. Desire is saying, I need something to make me happy and fulfilled. Desire is saying, I lack that which I need to be happy. Desire is saying, if I can just get that thing or person, I can be happy.

Let's look at the world. Is there more or less suffering than ever before? We have all the things and more than we could ever really need and yet, we are still unhappy.

What we have all found is that when we finally get something we thought we needed to be happy we want something else, or something bigger, or something better. If we look closely, what we found out is that our mind is never satisfied.

Even when we are able to satisfy some desire,our mind doesn't let us be happy. It tells us we need something else and then we can be happy. We constantly find ourselves keeping up with the Jones's. We constantly find ourselves frustrated because we have all these desires and they aren't getting satisfied.

If we look closely, we see that desire creates more desire. That's easy to see because when we finally get something, we can't wait to get it again, or get more of it, or get a better one of it.

Desire keeps us constantly on edge, constantly nervous, constantly in fear and frustration.

What are we all looking for anyway?

Every person, even the animals, are looking for happiness.

Check it out. Isn't that why we desire things and people? We desire them because we think they will make us happy. If we keep this up long enough we finally come to the end of our rope and see that happiness does not lie, "out there" somewhere in things and people.

It reminds us of the story, Acres of Diamonds. The farmer is frustrated because he desires wealth. He leaves his small and unproductive farm and travels the world over looking for wealth which he does not find and becomes full of despair. Meanwhile, the buyer of his farm has discovered, right on that very farm, the largest diamond mine in history. All the wealth he could imagine was right where he was all the time.

Same with us. Right now, we have all the happiness in the universe right where we are. It is right inside of us. How can that be, we say? We are sick and miserable, frustrated and angry, we have all these desires we are not getting fulfilled and we are getting more and more unhappy. How can it be said, we have all the happiness in the universe right where we are?

It is because we are a perfectly happy being and we have put in all of these feelings which are unhappy, I need this, I need that.

We are all happiness and then we are told, we are not complete, we need things. So, we develop desires. With each desire we get further away from our "farm" where all happiness is. Each desire is a thing of negativity. It is a thing of negativity because a desire says, we are not complete, we need something, we lack something. The dictionary says, lack is a deficiency. Therefore desire, lacking is negative.

Each of our desires builds up negativity. That is why desires make us unhappy. We don't have the thing therefore we are unhappy.

So, what is the answer? The answer is to see that we have everything we need to make us happy right now just as the farmer did in Acres of Diamonds. All we have to do is to let go of the feelings that say we are unhappy. All we have to do is to let go of the negative feelings.

All of these feelings of desire that we have put into our life are programs. We have programmed ourselves to be unhappy because we desire this or that.

In the Release Technique we learn to drop all of these programs that say, I need this or that to make me happy therefore, I must develop desires. In the Release Technique we find out, when we drop all those negative wanting, desiring feelings, we return to the happy person we originally were before we put in all these desires. And, we also find out when we have dropped all that negative lacking we move into having. We are positive, we are loving, we are happy and we find out that we attract into our lives all the things we never were able to get by desiring.

The Release Technique is about letting go of all the negative feelings that cover up the positive, all happy person that you have always suspected you are.

Got to and find out how to be the happy person you have always dreamed about being.

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